Advice on Preventing Fraud


One thing I think we all agree on: There is a lot of deception out there. All online and offline. Things like:

An email from a “Millionaire” who needs help with a lot of money transfer “This is one of the most popular things on the internet these days.

How about “You won the lottery !!” emails? You know that unless you buy a ticket, or sign up for the lottery, you have nothing to gain. Get ready to be deceived!

Oh, with the “Free Credit Report” emails, did you know that they are usually just someone who wants to get your ssn number, or do others pay you for using “free” work afterwards?

Beware of fraudulent E-gold and Paypal, when someone sends you a letter telling you you MUST enter, or you could lose anything. Both E-gold and Paypal have strict email rules, and none of them would ASK you to sign in with email.

Then there is the “You received a free gift”. How much do you earn per week? All you have to do is pay for the s & h, right? That means it’s free, doesn’t it? You know what they get when you want a free gift? Usually your credit card number, or email address / phone number can be sold as “administrators”

I have set up several links that will hopefully help you to market online easily, without interruption.

Reduce Credit Card Deception

Museum of Scams and Frauds (I really like this one)

Large list of online and offline frauds

Paid discussion forum. Good, Evil and Deception

The list of hypocrisy is a joke

What if you’ve already become a victim of fraud? Sorry! Don’t give up. You will not help yourself, or others, if you just let it go. Even if you do not return your money, you will still be doing little to reduce fraud, which helps others to avoid it.

Did he steal from me? Write a report!

Collaborative work to protect organizations from 17 countries []

How to worry (UK) []


There are so many flavors out there, and it’s easy to “breastfeed”. We all want to believe that we can make the promised $ 10,000 within a few weeks.

On the contrary, such things simply do not happen. The only person who can make the money, if he can, is the owner of the program. At your price. Always remember, if it seems unreliable, it is probably possible.

No matter what you sell online, always do your homework before you sign up. It is important to research the details before deciding on any fees.

Don’t rely on multiple sources for more information, find as many as you can. Check lists and forums, and see if they have anything to say about the program / item you are considering.

Ask all your friends and contacts if they have heard anything, good or bad. Visit social networking sites to see what locals are saying. Ask about anything you might want answers about the business / program. You will be amazed at how much more you can discover.

Contact the owners, ask questions. If they can’t, or they don’t respond at all, then my advice is to get a better look.

Best of all: Don’t spend ANY money you can’t afford to lose.