How to Get Experts to Discover Valuable Information


Want to know how to get professionals to get rid of beans on all their business secrets? The answer is simple. Are you sure you want the experts to tell you the most valuable information? People like to talk about themselves. Most professionals are good people. Ask and you will receive. It’s as simple as that.

If they are experts and they say they are making all this money, I will ask them how much money they are making, how many names do they have on their mailing list? I’m going to get a lot of money that people really want. You do not want to be afraid to ask for these things. Maybe they won’t tell you and it’s okay. But you should ask because others will tell you and that is the question of money you want to have. Greater communication can make you more money and let you know.

You’re doing interviews, you’re doing what the audience wants you to do, or maybe you’re afraid to do it. Therefore, you are their voice, and they may decide to ask the boy how much he is doing or to make him look good, but he may be afraid to ask. You have to do it for them. This makes your communication more meaningful, and you are working for them. You ask experts what they are afraid to ask, and they can only listen like a voyeur. This is what people want. He wants to be in everything but he wants to be anonymous. They want to be on the sidelines. So the next time you want to know more about communication, shut your mouth and listen.