What Controls the Good Traders and the Bad Business?


There are many types of money trading online. While I can give you a list that is a long way off, these are the most common types of economics. Some of these know how to use words:

1. Business selection

2. Future trading

3. Selling money

4. Selling stocks

5. Futures trading

6. Foreign trade (or) foreign trade

I want to start these online comments and articles … On the eve of a beautiful spring, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same college. The men were very similar. Both, more than ordinary students, were flexible and had dreams for the future.

For my example, I will put all college graduates to sell online using the daily form. Through gifts, it all starts with the same amount of money investing online, a consistent day-to-day management system, and the same sales process with the right entry and exit rules.

Surprisingly, there is a difference. After one month, the seller for one day lost, while the other day the trader returned a profit of 20%.

Have you ever wondered, as I have always known, what causes social trade diversity? They are not always smart, talented, or dedicated. It’s not that one person wants to do better and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies within the psychology of the brain. Your crazy mind can have a bigger impact on your online marketing work than the way you choose or anything else related to your daily activities.

Here are some good examples:

1. One person looks at an empty glass pa, while the other person looks at the same cup if it is full.

2. One person may look at the problem and call it stress, while another sees the problem as difficult.

3. One person may view a ship as a hurricane, while another person sees a storm as a deadly hurricane.

I’m not the only one who has found this …

In his book, “Swap Your Way to Financial Freedom“, Well-known American psychiatrist Dr. Van Tharp discusses how psychology contributes to better marketing. It divides marketing into three Compounds.

His pie chart:

– Order by 10%

– The success rate of financial management is 30%, and

– 60% affects the reading of thoughts and ideas.

Tharp realized that the psychology of mind-boggling marketing has more to do with success than anything else.

However, what is psychology psychology?

In short, psychology refers to your thoughts and actions and your responses to anything … In sales, fear, greed, emptiness, pride, hope, jealousy, rejection – all of these can affect financial decisions. Although, your goal in the marketplace is to increase your profits and reduce your risk, thinking and opinions often make this easier said than done.

FOR EXAMPLE – Entrepreneurs, who are unable to control their thoughts and ideas, make the wrong choice – as a well-known mistake of having a lost position in the belief that one day it will be a success.

Despair is a temporary mistake. Naturally, people want to be lost. As a result, you feel the double pain of losing $ 1 as much as you can get $ 1. Loss of fraud forces many traders to own lost property as they go downhill. This ruling does not conflict with the following: cut down on your losses and let your profits flow.

Advertisers have lost positions because they see what is lost on paper as opposed to what is lost. The money changer also has some unethical practices.

EXAMPLES compare success as nature and disaster relief.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. When you talk about the evils of marketing, if you don’t have the psychology of your thoughts and ideas at the right time the consequences can be devastating.

This is what opens up the problems for new traders, and then quickly loses money in the markets. Many people have lost their money in the first year of business. So, as you can see, your thoughts and ideas play a big part in determining if you are failing or doing well, but did you know that thoughts and ideas form two parts related to success in business?