Daytime Daytime sale for ES Emini – Guaranteed Fire Failures


I mentioned in the previous article that I have had the privilege of being in a number of stores. Some were very good, some were … ah … erm … not very good. I am a strong believer in solid business education, using a flawless learning approach, and trying to keep what you are hearing from affecting your ability to read the chart you are selling.

I have come up with a list of items that I feel are essential for the average retailer to fail.

1. Make sure you listen to CNBC all day. The station explains the market well, but their reviews are filled with interesting reports of good things happening in the market, rumors circulating in the market, and interviews with suspicious visitors. I feel that you should always read the wrong thing in the market while watching TV when you do business. Remove the darn item, and leave it.

2. Make sure you have set up your living room counter. In this way your children, your wives, the telephone, and any other distractions might hinder you from paying close attention to the chart you are selling. If your broker calls you, make sure you listen to all of his advice because he wants the best for you.

3. Listen to what your peers, “ignorant” marketers are saying about the market. Especially gold, because the bedbugs have a false belief that gold will start to rise and all the world’s money will be worthless. Make sure you read the social media platform to hear the many doubts that could affect your business. Above, do not pay close attention to the chart you are selling, look for external features that will help you make business decisions.

4. Make sure you save a ton of money and don’t use a marketing and technology program. You can choose everything you need to know from daily journals that describe several marketing strategies in a hurry. Modify these trading systems to meet your needs and sell them and refund.

5. Your awareness is positive, and use common sense to sell. Obviously, we all know that common sense is your worst enemy on business, as well as how you feel. But if the ads “just feel good” keep taking them, you have a 50-50 change in success. Above all, unaware of the complex machinery that the market goes through in terms of prices, it’s all a waste.

6. Don’t spend any time reading about famous writers who have written commercials. Heck, what did Charles Dow, Ben Graham, John Murphy, and modern writers like John Carter and Martin Pring know? You can know this.

7. Skimp where possible to save on sales revenue and quantity. You don’t need one of those new computers as well as the fastest food possible. No, go out and find the cheapest deal you can find and sign up with. Your computer is good for business, and, of course, already working. Also, don’t have a system that will try to get out if your computer goes down, it never happens.

8. And in the end, the best work always happens when the system changes. Therefore, make it your goal to know when the market will change. There are many books out there that want to have some special features to help you change this way, buy all the books you can. You can make it big, whatever you do, don’t trade with what’s going on, it’s for rinky-dink marketers.

Obviously, I laugh at this, but I see the mistakes that happen every day. There is no need to make it. Get a good business education, run it well, and enjoy the results.