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What is the Best Forex EA?

To answer the question of ‘what’ we need a clear definition to be given. Definition requires other means. To qualify for EA (Expert Advisor) as the BEST FOREX EA requires the following:

– It should be slightly lower

– It must have passed two years and a future test

– It should get the same benefit – no matter how small, but unchanging

– The Cost Of Acquisition Is More Than Losing Business Even A Lower Percent Of Active Business

– Run for 24 hours without intervention

– Must be verified when a customer logs into a trading account with Investor Privacy

– Must be guaranteed to deal with Unstable Time, especially during News time

– Not affected by Broker hacking, Server Problem, slip issue, and much more

In fact, finding the Best Forex EA on the market is one of the most challenging and challenging tasks. There are people who sell EAs to earn the money not because it works. Personally, I have written more than 600 EAs and only 2-3 are those that are ‘legitimate’ effective and profitable.

Why is it so difficult to find the Best Forex EA?

– The creator of EA does not share EA

– There is no such thing as an EA that is always successful (for this I doubt it)

– Although a few EAs can be guaranteed to be profitable for about a year or more or so, it does not guarantee that the EA will work again in the future.

However, by reading and researching including my development of EAs, I found a few EAs that can be shared or ranked in the list of Best Forex EA in the world.

First on the list –


– Running weeks – 46

– Earnings – 4.33% per week

Second on the list –


The 3-4 EA (each EA has been tested in 10 years history) working together for only two EURUSDs but at different times and in different ways: 2nd based on comparative identification, 3rd EA trading only sells “overnight”. Max rounds around 5 at a time, sometimes the venue will be open for more than one day. Stop wasting and limits on what you can use I sell with a long-term profit to those who use my banners. I am happy with the small but unchanging benefits.

This EA does not sell –

This EA has LIVE accounts of over USD 4.5million with over 4000 followers.