Search Engine Optimization against Click


One of the things that anyone trying to get online face off at the same time is the question of using a search engine or paying advertisers. The truth is that you have to use one or the other or combine all of these or your page with some sand in the great desert that has the internet.

You see, the purpose of all the pages is for information, activities or businesses to be available and read. If your page is not available then it cannot be counted, and if your page is not readable then you will not be able to make a single penny, even if you have spent thousands of dollars to make it.

In order for your page to be found, it must be indexed by a single type and in particular as many search engines as possible. The SEO V PPC query is the only best way to achieve the goal of setting up top sites and search engines to make your page stand out.

This article will cover the pros and cons of everyone so that you can hopefully understand how optimization of search engines compares and pays for clicks by allowing you to make better choices about what to use.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

First you need to have a basic knowledge of what search engines are and how they work.

Although you do not have enough space on this page to access all of these features, search engine optimization is a way to apply search results using search terms and / or phrases relevant to your site. and can attract “worthy” visitors.

Search engines use “web browsers” whose job is to search for pages that need to be linked verbatim. The only part of the search engine that does not belong to you is the search engine optimization. The goal is to use all the shortcuts to make your page number one, or on the first page.

So now that you understand the empty skeleton of search engine optimization let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of SEO

  • SEO can be changed all the time to change your look.
  • SEO is free or maybe if you do it yourself.
  • The reliability of your websites increases because they are available “naturally” by search engines. Savvy advertisers know that you did not pay just to have a good reputation.
  • The best types of search engine optimization is for your site.

The disadvantages of SEO

  • You need to make some changes to your page to keep them in the “eye” of “reptiles.”
  • Sometimes the effects can take weeks or months to show.
  • There is no guarantee. If you are doing something wrong then you should go back to the artwork and do it again until you get better.

Pay Click

PPC or pay per click is easy to interpret and use. Under these you pay for a search engine to use keywords or other words and the more you pay the more your page becomes bigger.

In other words, if someone clicks on your ad through search engines they pay for every click you have to pay for the search engine. This can be costly and ranking depending on what the advertiser pays the most to use the term.

Advantages of Pay Per Click

  • PPC is fast. Usually when you fill out the form and submit your ad / page you will be on the list. Permission for a longer period is usually 24 hours in PPC reduction areas.
  • You can use keywords as you have a budget.
  • Your site will be available even if there are no updates.
  • You can cancel your payment program by clicking on it whenever you choose to create ads and commercials.

Disadvantages of Pay Per Dinani

  • You must pay your dues
  • Most people do not even look at the advertisements that are listed on the pay per click instead go for natural results.
  • The optimal choice of search engines or pay per click advertising is up to you and your budget.

Key point: My suggestion is that businesses should base their decision on SEO vs PPC on how they can be online competitors.

High-profile online competition. You should know that it can take 60-90 days, the highest level of SEO skills along with creating and combining many good things to get on the list. I recommend starting with the PPC campaign so that you can drive traffic and test what the PPC ads are doing best.

Low online competition. In less competitive places I have seen pages stay on page 1 of Google for less than 10 days. If you are in a very competitive position I would start with SEO. Sometimes I am amazed at how SEO has taken to reach half of page 1 (top of the cage) of Google results. Once you are there PPC doesn’t have a lot of points does it?

Your online advertising budget also has a lot to do with it. If you have a limited working budget and are willing to wait for the results then search engine optimization is a great option, while those with a good budget who want things to run faster can be happy and pay for it once.

If you ask the author’s opinion, a combination of both would be the best bet.