How to Manage Fraudulent Online Services on Popular Images Like Craigslist


If you are new to writing in your own right, it would not be difficult to just say a fake job, it would be really impossible. This is because autonomous online services are changing. Like all criminals, the scandals behind them change as more and more people use their methods. So how can you protect yourself? How can you avoid being deceived? Here are three ways to do this.

1. Search for resources: Not only look, but try to communicate with the company through the channels they offer.

While most companies post anonymously on sites like Craigslist to avoid being killed by job seekers, sometimes a legitimate company comes back to you to confirm that you have received your equipment upon registration.

Fraud companies, however, may contact you with “offers,” for example, subscribing to our membership page for only $ 2.95 / month; sign up to get service tips that are delivered directly to your inbox with $ 1.95 / month. Once they have your account, they usually return your account anywhere from $ 40 to $ 97 a month or more – every month.

2. Find Out More: When it comes to supplying weapons, fraudulent companies operate on both ends of the spectrum – they may ask you for things in the future, or they may ask you for less. This depends on their deception.

Some want free stuff, which is why they can ask for “original” notes; others want money, so they just ask you to send more (less) so they can get your numbers and send you fake messages later.

3. More Requests If the company communicates with you with a large business plan, and you do not pay the rest in advance, it is probably fraudulent. Their game is free.

I am an SEO writer. One day, I received an email from a company that wanted 40 entries. I can’t remember what it was. He gave me a list of search terms and asked me when I could finish. I have said in less than three days that we need a 50% share to get started. They protested; I walked.

In most cases, companies will say that they will pay you when you complete a list. Only, you do not hear from them after you give the original.

There are many ways to look for independent work on the internet, for example, if they ask you for a job offer, or if they ask you to provide a “first trial” without paying, and so on. Just try harder and if not ‘stay with you – for whatever reason – go with it. Don’t talk to yourself. Your conscience is at work here. Listen to it.