Key Future Stories for 2018


We all know that issues are an important part of our lives. There is nothing in our entire morning that we do not have a newspaper view while drinking hot tea. However, with all the news going around, it is good if someone is aware of what is going on in the world in terms of business, currency exchange, and much more and how the country’s currency is managed. There are many websites, magazines and mobile phones where one can read Forex articles and know how foreign traders are going and make every effort to keep the financial market in this country afloat. Tell us about the latest foreign exchange news, which can give us a better idea of ​​the international market, foreign exchange policies and the current state of the economy.

The Central Bank of China has lost its second largest Forex currency in 2018

Iris Pang, an economist at ING, has confirmed that in 2018, the Central Bank of China spent $ 91.58 billion on Foreign Exchange. This is the second largest foreign exchange loan in 2018, with the largest foreign exchange earnings taking place in September 2018 at 119.39 billion.

This is a testament to the fact that foreign exchange has become an integral part of the global economy and a large proportion of international trade goes into foreign exchange. Forex traders are really needed in managing the foreign market as they are very supportive of foreign exchange.

EUR is expected to sell sideways from now on

Various analysts from UOB have said that EUR is expected to sell side effects from now on. The current pressure has been reduced and that is why the EUR should sell the stock, perhaps, in the meantime, perhaps between 1.128 to 1.144. It is expected that it will take up to several weeks for the EUR to finally review these cases. The various symptoms are almost identical and the latest developments show a combination.

USD falls, GBP on cloud nine

The Great Britain Pound is the clear winner of the most recent phase. It lasted much longer than one week, and was 1.29. The EUR is still at 1.14, which has changed slightly due to Brexit headaches. While GBP is rising sharply as we have seen before, the United States of America is not living up to expectations in many areas. It falls behind their peers, except for NZD and AUD.

Such accounts give us valuable information about the economy and finances of various countries, don’t they?